Engineering our way to zero emissions. 

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Experts in clean tech energy solutions.

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Distributed Energy Solutions 

We are dedicated experts in providing CleanTech energy solutions customised to your needs. Using renewable sources we can produce hydrogen locally at your power source, helping you to contribute and adhere to a cleaner, greener energy structure.

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Micro Grid Solutions 

Our micro grid energy solutions are provided locally, in both commercial and non-commercial buildings. Off grid power helps you to become less dependent on the grid structure and makes your energy usage greener, more reliable and resilient.

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Hydrogen Storage 

EFC energy solutions provide energy storage and mechanical integration safely and efficiently using metal hydride solutions, which reduces space and improves safety. The energy is stored locally in hydrogen tanks, batteries or super-caps. Our extensive experience in master control software systems has allowed us to engineer and tailor CleanTech energy solutions for a variety of needs.

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Engineering Services 

EFC energy solutions have extensive experience in system integration. Our engineering service offers complete integration and support for hydrogen and fuel cell systems and ongoing support for both commercial and non-commercial properties.

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EFC Energy solutions 

Dedicated to change.

We are dedicated to building a sustainable energy structure for the world we live in. We challenge ourselves to be better, be innovative and work continuously to provide a quality, safe service. Our engineering expertise and core business values will help to contribute to a cleaner, greener, more resilient energy structure for the future. We strive to find new and efficient solutions as a team. We work collaboratively with our customers to improve, build and personalise our products and services to meet their requirements. We believe it’s important to work together to achieve an improved energy structure for our environment. At EFC we are engineering our way to Zero emissions whist always working responsibly for our environment, customers and communities in which we work.

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